Florence Morning News from Florence, South Carolina on January 18, 1944 · Page 14

PAGE 14, HORNING. NE : TUESDAY, JANUARY 18, IMi. HOSPITAL MEN TOLD JAPS TO STOP FIRING AT TARAWA (The olloirinjf story was written by Tech, 5gl, Mnson t. Isranson Dt 7Bj Suutli Coil 1,1 reel, Florence, S. C, :i Slu- rlno corihs eomhut coire- “. spoiirlLlil, fermerlv ol the Associated . Press Ilidlliiiorc. Md.-Lurcuii.) Somcwhcic In the Pacific ( delayed; Here In a slaty Dull was making Ihe rounds oflcr tlc battle o! ‘laruws. . Two navy l.osr-itnl curpsmch, carrying a wounded murine on i strclclicr, were bvoppc-d by mn-rltliir-nui f !i o us Uicy crossed an They set down the sltrlchcr una one Of tr.le curpsmcn turned rind sllDUted: -Hey! Cut out Hint Urinal CunT you EC? we’re ruiryhif; u wounded limn;’1′ The lining Slopped and Uic Corpsmen picked up tho stretcher. They had gone only n’ fow yards when the nuiclilucgllii open-Oil tlji ogniii. Once more liie cotpsnieil put tho sr etcher down. You’re’ not stopping ngnlll?” the wounded man Inquired politely. “Vent1,” snUL tile i:orismnn. ‘ Thosu marines uic shooting loo Close to us.” “Marines,” sunned Ihe wounil-cil mrin. “That’s n Jap mnchiuc-gnll!” Food for Every Occasion! Flto-Iinn h omj.1.1.. to. of Food and Hcunhnla’ F,od-uch. Each Product earn” top quality, men back 9-i;anleel RlHS-uv-Hilc Gri Co., Inc. IS A T T I: R V TSKZH AUOUT 33 ,MIN. “Fete” ‘I’litiitiitll , Oiidt Aitclion At Lnkc City Stock Miinkcl U’ctlnesdiiy, .hut, J’,1 ‘J.OOO Blond tested Sclccletl o-a;? necks, lieits, V’ynndotts :ttluni;lun5. Jf ycni uiuit ehlc’hS ?it your . own lirlce HEAT UP THFJ OLD tilcOOliriH AND BE 1IEHL-. VALLACE V.. ‘KINK Prpsi-Cola Vompana, FtanrhNed BoiUer: ” I’en.s, – fMUl NelghboihoodStotenl VezingT 1944 TAX RETURNS For the cuiiveiiicnce of the taxpayers of Florence Cotnitv, I ;ii?ll be at the pieces nnrl on the respective dates li’dient-rrl lielow for the purpose of (aklne; tax returns for 19H The law requites the rttum of all livestock, tmetors, lionsc-fiolcl lurnltllte, n’JUnnoblles, nil other pcrtrituvl property noil roattj, dois, etc., by seliool districts, anil Iniimnes n lieimlty of 10 pcrceiiL far failure to moke returns, netunis sli juld also show the transfer or all real cslatc wlielher twilglit or sold hy the person making the return. JAN. 25-MARS RLUHP, 0 to II A. M. ; C!.At!SSF:N- 11 to I P M.;EVEnORfSEN, 1 to 3 P. M.: EFFINGHAM. 3 o fi JAW. 1!ll -HANNAH, 0 to 13 A . M.; FnitNDPJEXD 12 to 2 P. M.; HYMAK 2 to 5 P. M. JAN. SSVOX, 0 tu 11 A. M.: PROSPECT !1 to 1 P. M MCALLISTER’S MILL, S to 5 P M I-Kft. J-SCWAKTOW. 6 to n Hoon: COWARD, 12 to 3 P. M.; OAK GROVE, 3 to S P.M FEB 3-CAHTERSVILLE. 9 to II, A. M.j SARDI3. 11 la 1 z P. J.I.: GLKNWOOD. 3 to 5 P. M. FEB. 8-JOinrdONVILLE 9 A. M. to 5 P. V. FEB. n PAMPLICO OA M to 5 P M FEH, U-OLANTA, 9 A. M. to 5 P..M. ‘ FED. li-TIMMONSVILLE, 9 A. M. to S P. .M. FEB, 17 LAKE CITY, 9 A. M. to 5 P? M : HOYT WATSON, County Auditor WP. FLORENCE, S.’ C. . -‘ . . . IMSIIOFVILLE MAN EMERGES SAFELY FROM JUNGLE Aii Amci Icr eirst ludLi, I. So many 2-(i’,-llly ItnllRport nnil buttle plnncs, must ol (hem flylny rtlo;u; Hit’ nlr truiis-i-ou ionic into (;:iiim, huvc been rescued Doni the ncrth liunnn jungles tlnl they now nl’e In a linsltlan to oiin u “wlilknut club.” Not less than Go livuca oppcar on n iicuiH complete list or ul. thusc on nclt.c jervlcr with Auic rlca,, forccji ul n l.r.i; spent Nine In Ihn Jung:.- nlic- par. .eluding t tne ground wlic.i l!:clr plniirs weic lotccd (tour., cric.l by enemy nit crori. The list dor;, not Inrl’.ii.c civil Inn poison: ic I sued ns John jvvt of ttie stulc .Icpjrlinent nun Idle Suvorcld ul Hie Columbia moat! casting Kislciu who spent tlirt weeks getting tti sufctv list An- Kllst. Tliuse el in P. o lor meriiucifclilu El the “unlkuiil chili ” Itielmlc M’lght Ol.’leer M-irvhl 11. SNtn.1. HlsJmr. vllle. K. C. Pilglu orricer stliein k u bio-titer of ,Mli. i J. rloyi ivh’n Li einiiloyrit ni n iiiiisj in t lie ofHeul of Ir. L. M. Lille. SUHSCUIUERS TO” RECHIYE CONCERT TICKETS 11Y MAIL it inrcd tlinl oniiicrshlp ticket for Hie bo mnlleil in tine uailise (u nil wliu Hied ,M1 concerts will 1 dltorlllln unil i.eiilli ul S:3C o’elock. Ijnlei, or Hi,, concerts will lie nil ircI Inter. IKS , STHK): (Speclnl to llie MnvnliiK Ncms) icliinslitc. ,un. n Samuel K Minizon. Ji, ruinii-.- of Hie Moilioi coinniunlty illcd this iifleinoci plc-lc v:i:L’i I Hi,: I hi k.ti i l r :: ij Mrs. Y-.ii-V 1’tkni K’lnKstrce. mifj hllllnu r,:n.o L’Dliimbi;,; oTiu due rEer, Mi 11. FilchO-ll tit tflnj.’:ilree. one bl’o- trier, H. Ti. Price cl SI. rclci.Miilre, Fin. Nineteen umnrl clillilicn unrl wSite fumll.v connectlo:. On -the he adics c Italy, In the jungles of the artillery mim n waiting to build Tiiat’s when our roll Iheso “sieel i sec tliem in thin l!ani pay ll ni lav hforid City, X. Y. ! – , – Ul 1 11 i n tr ‘Cti. iif Finn OA11LC AT CAROLE. LO.MHARD Actress Iieue Eluini chrlslouctl Cnrole l.uasbard,’ the movie star w CIYJ’SY ROSE HAS ‘ TirtTHDAY snip tease nrtlst- and mitlior, ol y allien one)’ In a liospttnl ut lir.rn cnnlinerl nearly twii weeks. Accepthut u piece of her birthday ot New York City, ,nml luoklng r,n morOE, Ohio. (AP Pluito ttoin Wail ije lit a lion . Guide .IE ATS. FATS, . Eric iP.Oflk Lhtce .bl’uwtl.. stamps It and S eubd ‘through. January ” 39. TJnnl: aur spare stump No. ? noun for five pilnts of fresh liorlt and . sausage tlnougli !ROCESSi’D FOODS Hook four green stamps D. n nno F Guru! th’ough- January ar); slaiiins n, H’ –l .1. vollil r.’sli IVhruary 0 SUijAR Dunk fa’.ir- stomp J.9 tiood for five pbtuids through innry one stninp is hrce ntrpUnic g-toil lndefhi-. and bcok Etninp So. 1 ilely, OASOMKK-In Nottltchst ami Sontheujt, U-A eouimns gonil for ‘three ‘gallons’ tluuuRh February 8. Elsewhere, 9-A Febnuiry . S.”B-1 and C-l eon-JiOUS gcod ror’2″ eoilpotiHi ii-y and C-2 eollpons (jr for fi gallons – f-llEl, OIL Period ono coupons epire In nil areas .January 3. Pcriiul two coupons are valid In ihe, entire rationed area who in , the South, where they ” lEitough January at. Period I lis CL’ caui.oii.s nifo. viiitri in Midwestern nuil Sbhthcni Mutes, remaining good tlirun-h Miiich 13 in. Ihe’ Middle ViVsl and February 21 In Urn snulli Period three col lions valid .Taiumry t in the F-ist mid ‘nr West and ate ljooil through March 13, All nuiixnis are n-nrlh 111 gallons a unit, with most’ ron-lio.”s vuith several units each. STATE LAST TIME TODAY riDWARU G. ROHINSON GLEN FORI) MAIiGUEItlTF,. CHAPMAN In “DESTROYER” Aito ; ‘ FRANK ALBERTKOM ‘ and MARIS WRIXOK In “SILENT . WITNESS” LAUKLHJ.vn -Cupt. Claik anlJle (lefli v.nlcl.ffl ns Film Uie LILvif. :hM’ nl Wllmliiutaii, Cul:r., nnitied in honor of liis wile no was killed In an nlipluuc Liush two years ago. (AP Wiiephoto) I.V HOSPITAL (j’,iy itose Lee. ! scried her liirltid.is’ tslie tliilh’t win taken for tieiitnient on Fil-Fuit Unit!.’. M. U., wlinre hhe’ Imslilny. – film t burn ne-ac I’oiiinlico Flu I ml led her ion ut nnny posts. :l” KUI ami lived there a a.im-jc. Is Pvl. Mcrrls Uanenlield “I yenis. A i Lhui- 11. Mai low c ul Mnt -I Mis. Ficcmun is siiivive.l In-Al iny) jl’.Cr mother, Jlra. C. M. Willi mim r. a. eiKsosity DIES YliSTEUDAY Anlliony ‘ Clrsosliy, :’i5. tile.- .”.’o’clock yi’slL’i’day nrier- . The M-l.eod lllllrmary Cc’.imuiy He ha here for snmo tin slnn of Uuliglus : Anthony’s Citho-lliree, dnuniili’is. Paul F. c liiuthev, 1 c.riudel.11.1. FUNERAL Wi?nNKSI)AY t’OR MISS MOORE Miss Winnie Mnoie, 711, ilicil ill l lie lioiiie of Mr. mid Mrs. n. !C HllIucs neiir I’uaijillco Monduy niorninu st ll o’clock, alter Illness of lvo weclis. She is survived by two slsU’lfl, Allsa Jsiihcllc ,Mcorc and Mrs. .MufV Kennedy bcilh of PnnipllcD, anil ,-, i-.iiijc i-.tiiuijcr o nop FtHieral will to Hem W.-i nt’LST. deck ul Mt T-lltiri Unpiist cliurch, cnnduclcil liy ll. j lev. Ben Oliver. Interment ‘.fill ho nt Old Bethel church cemetney, nenr Mius uiurr. Active piillliciiicn will be Ueiry Tinner, I3cln Tunicr, Wilmcr J-CC.-ll, Unynionrt Gritflii, Jess-j E y, an.l ltol.nul iiymnn. Flowers will lie. In clinrga of Yes We Have ‘ Home Ground Grits CONTAINS A Lit We yny uiaikel price fur com-Shelled ur unshelled. Also make Chicken Sctnlch Feed and fine meal. WE KXCKANGS GittTS AND MEAI, FOR CORN WHILE YOU WAIT. AS15CRAFT MILLING COMFAXY Phone 43f) Dehydration Ctv. To Enlarge Plant; Buys Building Hoi ei eliyJruli(ni ol the l,iill.llnK In wliich il Is nji-ocnllnK. Tin. Hirch:,sn piice wu mil divulged. IL inelu.lrd n Iuvkc frontage on Rust Darllni’lcii sheet Tl’e liulliliii was formerly a to-Ijneco stcnimery but It-nils Itsell well to the p.irposes fur ivlileh it In now used. Offictm of llio company said they planned tu enlarge unrl Improve the plant, an.itiECiiiciilN liniliB nlren.ly licvll iniiile lor l!lc aildlttnii of ii sccoml sturc. The ilohydintlun plnnt is run-Hint -ll limns a dny. llie finlslud iircduet nil being ulilrmed to the a liny. Lust week two car or del.-ydialcd sweet potatoes niimiml-inx to 80,0011 pound.-, I ton, (KID pounds hi Ilia raw) were Milppeil 1r flic utnle of .tViuhliiflcT oii.l Mniciiehusetls. Other shipments are to be niacle tills wocli. LAST iilTES TODAY MRS. ALICE FREEMAN Aiis. Alice Wlllinms Ficenian del b .Vcinoi .:s,,i, i, .’. . i sister Onlheni .Mell’artLSt church ‘I’liesday afternoon hi three o re urineH Uv Ihe Rev. C. P. Cllcwjline home Iiilcrment will be in -Moiinl llcpt .xl..n ‘cemetery. Onllu’; .i. -i rlinre Q Itiffl .v.oore, i.cnof.i lllllclllr! Cnthciinc VVc.illieiford. Mild Moore, Mary Aim Klnklr.-. of Atll- ,’ U.llgt. .No. 110 A. K. . will he lie li L Jfon.lay eniiiL’, Jim. 17. at a o’ clock in the Masonic Tm- All Vielttng masons welcome B. M. Kerns, W. M. D. I,. Hooke. Scc’y. NOTICE! The 1’ollcwing lioui’s will be observed by the undersigned Jewelry Finns, of Florence, until further notice: OAILJl SLOU A. M, TO (5:00 I. M. SATURDAY H:00 A. M. TO 7:00 I’. M, WEDNESDAYS f:0U A. M. TO 1:00 1 M. Russell’s Harry Gall Neiman’s, Jewelers Tobacco Situation In South Carolina And Efforts To Correct It . l’h.. rullDwlng slateiiitnt concerning the ullgh’ of ialiacea runners in South Carolina was issued jeslerilay liy Klcve j of KepreseuLutlves from FI:. inly. am sure liio-it or you are aware o svhnl huijpeued lust year tc the farmers who had tobacco tu sell. There was a loL of bally-i-.uo, and elforta weJie made tu huvc llie tohacco companies pay the South Carolina farmers for uruilln:; and tybis? tbeir Lobaeco. Dm, my friends, we waited until the liotse was out before we closed the sLuble duur. und Lhen. it was loo lute. Thereby, cnustns the tobiieco farmeis i) Holllh Carolina to lose millions ot dollars. lion for IhDse who ale not eil-liiely rumillut with the .situation, lei’s start at the heipn.ihig or the opening of the IP13 Tultacco Sea- eia. And, fiiends, let uic state hece and -now, I run a lobucco ttiviuer I uiu act priviledgcd tu live In Iowa, and have some one else do the work for me. I am forced thru sheer necessity lo get out mid work anil sweat, and Mentis, there are thousands and thousands of olhcrs who arc doing the same tiitny. The farmers arc grateful for any help Lhcy can gel fruul any sop I mil talking to yon today. 1’nlallvc to Ihe Trtiurcn KiLiinllun in Kciuiii Carolina. At the opening of the Tobacco the Male ul Cieorgin Ihe I cents pur pound In the Hue cured arena, which, oi collide, includen South carnllin, nlthnu?h Ihe celling l.Hce was sx-t lit Mly-ouc cents, the luicc iuld by the companies, us I uaderstand it, Janscd up to 45 cents, und even hlBhrr. After rcuilinjr aud hearing ‘about the unnniiii; priera on he Georgia nvi.il.ct. Ihe South Cnrolina to-knecci fnnnets were llnnsually plouscd, reeling sunt iu-us-inuch us sve very curetully yrudc nnd tic our tobacco, wo would be paid 7 or SI cents more a pauiid, and if we were unable to gtaile und tie II, because ol Ihn war, and the scm-clty of tahoT, it wuuld at leint. living a piicc comiwrnble t’j the prices paid in (he Slate uf Ceorgta. Well, up to (lie opening of the markets In Hjmh Cnrollnn, we w?re all happy, in iinilclpatlon uf i good tnliaeeo season. Well, my fiifiiris. opening day came nioillld There, were large crowds. Mosl at Ihe wurehoineinen linil what lhcy wnuhi call n ;rrxid sale, hut were not crowded, ns in nrc-vlous seal’s. I lalked with a greni rnauy fnr-lilel.s, iisklug the renson, ami their lliianiinoiLS reply was that, they vere irylng t:i :!iuile nnd he their Eobaecn lielnia plneiilcr it on the market, in nr.lor iliot ihey would the tlm thul grndc and He . in wcighl. Dc- lob , ecu, il -nee ot ten i sldr all tlic fit It tnkes to prepn acatlcrcil thiou? l-..esc.-: In Thnn nnd trouble it the v.arn- .itle. tobacco. Iiruiierl Opening irin-s on tie graded tobacco were nbe.ui the same ns the Crorglu priL-e.s, ulthougli the lobaeco sold in Grorgia was sold ungraded unil nntle.l. When Hie liiiyel.s readied Iho LUigradcd and untied tubneco In rair local warehouses, they s-eiy pulilcly ignored ll. w.nild not e’.en oiTct u Did. However, lluit suiuc Inrtncr could haul jhul same pile of tobacco eouipaules ivantd buy II. and In many Inslanees. I am laid, paid more for It ungraded and untied, ti:;i:i if it ha.i been graded and He’.. my fi-icn, rank ilis- crimhiution uciiiit die .South Carolina fnrm.rs. Yea know, ns plness, and iirusperlty of every Htr.re Clerh. or imv olhei- profes sion, .in an ugtleultlirnl urea, de-peuds upon uic welfure anil sue. ss ol the iikiu who tills Ihe soil. I talked to the Inu’em of the different eonv.ianles risklna tl’.em to give me some sensible reason why they should retuse to buv onr un graded” and – untied loliacco, In us gin All l icc:lveit wns :. o’.nlik look, and n couitcdus Elllile, uuil llley stneted lalkllin about sonie-lllinu eLse. As yuu are aw .ire, aiiiiit’.s were Kit! In every directions. Hiking ir u siiuare ileal for the farmers ‘ South enroling Init. rs ..ipii- tloncd a rcw lultiules ugo we walled until llie hmie was out before closlns the stable oniir. At that time, even ns now. the Federal government was preyulllng tires, nnd everylhtiiK thai would help win the wai. ycl, lhcy were lorclnc: thonntids of ran funners to bum Ihoiifanils o! gallons of gasoline using up precious tires–wearing out llieir linclcs end cuii, hauling Iheir toliacco to the tieor-gia markets. Hi-roiLse itie scuccltj- 01 luuor, nnd llie lus to cither crops.’ they did nol linve time 10 grade and tie tuclr lutiacco. Tr.en. ton, 1 tiave vet to iieur the llrst fennel say lie did not itually iimkf injne.v by selling Is lobaeco in Gccigla. the loss In vel?ht tV.rit graJitlg and tying necessitates. HccuilU: ‘lac prices were about ic snni’n and In many hlslunces, lore, lor llie tlneiaded on the Oeorgln inuikel, thnn for t’radcii ,n tuc soutl”. Carolina tnaikct, Third: He could save his cotton ‘.ia other eTops, !hereli- recclvtug i bi’tlcr price, because tlicv v.-pi hui vested ul the praiioi’ ISiuo. F’Jurlh: The snvinu n( hours nnil duys of hard and ledums work or grading un.il iyu? Hie loharro. ..I suns iif n;:.n’Til. v.,.,,. ;,;.,,,; thruiGh private dc leg a lions und Individuals. Hi; Hon, but’ tu no all. AllhoiLh mere is printed sioui.l Record ol Til n is -nil. 1943 nan- Sfillt dressed to senator Mnyl signed by Prailll M. Til follows : rp in i ning to disci im ion le nsuii eo rrrowcrs in Scnitli Ci any regulation to be is: trolling nrlces ul ihe ioi flue cured lohaecu “- nut How much did thul icnp? T later Ml. IIlltiKl vho nd l.ellei still president ul Ihe Cmnmouiiy Cicd- it corno-nlcil :, government agency -Hint fluidities money for chnse lobuCLii fnv leiid-Ieuse. shlp- niiils, nnd, who has ,t unci deal lu no with ec.i-u: i’:.-, ‘pi iees lor lobucco. v Mr. Htl’s-iu etiUed to lllc tiiu’. he roalite.-l he lulmeeo situation hi South Caroliim .is uol as ll should he, but was too hue at that time ti rlo anyth-L. – .ibcuil it. My friends, we ujuft r.tco Ihe iiavt your farm? Will you h; ficient help to nnidr. i.nd tob.-.L-eo this yc.irv-The : Ui . ,- 1,:. lie ii.iirrmi . sure you will be ahle D harvest your crop this ;enr Thai is one of the imny reasons why I sunc Anderson a farmer derided las! unjust and utlfnir situation. And T am sure, tliere arc nimiy who hear me now, beard my pleas In broadcasts last ‘ year o our Oov- gressmen lo do sommhing. Toward th; Insl cf Hie 1043 to- ! ” – .-‘” ” ” V..;mor ou . .iilc and 3 after’ stnra diseusslor, I lo’d him 1 I aould call a mccliug ol Sen- f ntti., nepresentritlvcs: and a niim-tjc-r ut ‘lobucco Waruiiouseinen of the vurlous counties of the tobacco” area and Hint would make certain recjuuiieiidatlons and Inter, citll ut his office for further discussion. f llcljre calling nt the aoveri.ot’d office, we were anxious lo obtain all tnc infatniallon iKissibie concerning our subject t.-.crc, I wiule ihe following letter to 12 major tobaccD couipn.ncs: “Genllrnien: The General Assemble of South Cuiuliliu will con- vene very short ly, unit one of the Utah! subjects to come before it will be Ihe large tobacco coin-punks discthnlnntion against the Smith Curulinu farmer That Is, .the reriesal of the tohacco companies Lo putclliisc loose tobacco on ihe SuutU Carolina market nu;l at the same time the very -mi- companies will buy the same i tobucCD if the farmer will Haul it’ to IU: Slate of CeoiEht. ami, in most cases pt a higher price than for graded and tied tobacco. Won’t you pl15e be kind enough to enlighten nit u.i this very vital sub:e:l. so thut I may ho able to discuss und cxp’aln It clearly?” For sevetal itays 1 did not receive a reply and then I sent the fallDwl ig telegram: -Won’t you please rejily to my letler oi December second.” And to tills date,. 1 have received replies Iioni ‘ (our companies. , One of llie larger lohucco C0lu-“-i:.n!:-, :n r.-plyhej, I rui med 1U0 thul they bouglil ungraded tolia’c-Co hi the State ot Gcoreia, had it shipped to Llieir factory destlna- ‘ Hons, a nd in 1Hid their labor for Etadlng .niil tying -i up there. Yet, they refuse to pay our farmers for gmrinui nnd lying lobucco, nnd further, even refuse to biiy duv ungraded and untied tolmcco at all. unless wc load It m “our truclis and Innil it several hundred i miles u, ii1; Georgiu markets. My fi lends, soinciiilng tiurat be done, and (lone NOWI We must not hnve u rernrrence uf Inst venr nnd thuL ig the icason you noticed In ynur newspapers’ a fow dnys ngu or a Joint Hesulutlon thul was introduced in the Lower House by your speaker. Slevo Antler-son. and In thn Ucnntc by ben-atur Paul Cuaitlebniun of Horry county, which rends us follows: A JLHXT liESOLllTltlX. Aiuhori ing the apllulnlment of a tobacco connnlssion to slimy (lis tobacco situation In ” smith Carolina,’ and to hike uii-pruiittnie uclion. Whereas, the 1943 lubaceo crop I wns sold muter conditions vcrv pie-uilieiB) Ig ihe inlcrests uf tho tobuero runnel; in South Caro- h.l:,. icrl Whcicus, dllilug Ih; 1!I43 tobacco ieasoii theic vera no market tor lltu.ed and i riji-adcri tobacco In Smith Core Inn, while in the i Sl ,l: ‘ r –‘-t theic was u ready ‘ in.uxet for such tobacco, and Whereas, ,,u provision was marie In the mari:cling of the 1943 crop ” lobucco to pay fanners any- I Hi:- fie gluihng ur tlelng their iobuL’cn. a nd – 3 Whercui, Willi Ihe llmllnrt lnh.- ailuiilion me lubaceo fanners had ito provide the necessary lnb:v to tie thdr lobucco bufotc it could ! ‘” ‘”Id- “I. gr. nt cost anil lu ll compensation, I ami Whereas amir islmalcly 20.0W,- UM pun nils or South Carolina 1 bucCD was liaiilerl to the Goorgln inarkels Involvlnii great expen.,11 ntid eonsumiiiiun oi many gallons of gasoline and other vital war m.iU’nal, now therefore. Dc ii icsnlveti Uy hp Genuiul Asstnihly r,r liL. state of South Carolina; jecLtnn 1: That a commission ol six iiieiuhjrs. lo be known -us Ihe I’niincco cuinniisfdon (if South Caroliun, be unrl Is hetrbv 1 rented I hi sudy ihe lubaceo sinintion and eel: 10 bring ahnui a prupcr cor-reclron. Thut llie members of tho c iinnis.’1’jn authorized herein shall 1 lie appninted by tho Governur to serve unlil the nesieed ends are aitulncd. Provided.” Hint If any member of laid conunlssiou ai-pointcd by tin: Oovcrnor Is . a meinlicr of cilher brunch of Ihe General Assembly the salil appointee or appointees shall serve as cx-oftlcln niembcr or membet–of ihe .sairl conimtssiun. Tllnt tho Governor shall not n cx-OITlciO cliairjuan of (be commission, that the sum of 51,0110, it so muCh be necessnry, be nnd is herehv nn- prnpt’lated to meet the csiKases ol the commission hereby createrl. t:lc Governor. At a nieeiln3 In f.tc Governors orricr, jnlor 10 llie convening of Die fJcnciul Assembly, Ii was decided (liai 1 tils wus the best -jvny i . lo bring nboiie n better under-standing hctwi-en ihe large tobacco CDinpsnles. and the ntTiclals In Washington. This committee, when appointed by ti:u Governor, will have the necesiury nutllorlty to net, and will represent nil he people of South Cstnllna. Certainly, this yenr, we can’t wait until the horse has gone lieiiire we close the Htahle door. My iriends. speaking for myself, ar.d (hose who have lwcn lnslru-menlnl in Irvine Ir. n.ir… ni.o I policy of lair Irenlment for our 1 farmers, that all con uiiilorstand. I Please lei m any: We arc nol now, and have not. at nnv fli.ie. opposed the efforta of any Individual, organization, or otherwise, who ale working In behalf of llie tobacco growers of our county and stnle. We are 100 per cent behind an.- ci-fort mm. u III n..ln,hl. ,’ ly h-dp the farmers.” , Our soldiers arc fighting and . dying tor Ihe freedom of these Untteii Siaies. Frecriom of Speech, I Frcciiom or Reliction, and-the pur-J suit or Happiness, wo cannot be happy when wc arc robbed of that I jnitnosc, And now, this Is your servant. ; Sieve AiultrsiHi. speaking in be-I hnlf or ‘ a committee of public I spirited farineis and btisin?ssmen, who will eonlinuc lo fight for the .rivlils nf I lie farmers of ollr State.

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